Clothed Female, Nude Male (CFNM)

I had always perceived nudity as a form of freedom.

But now I see it from another perspective.

I find myself wanting to be nude more often, while she remains clothed.  Somehow, taking this clothed female, nude male (CFNM) way of living enables me to see her as having higher authority.

A few days ago I told her, "Being nude in your presence, I feel more subservient".

She acknowledged, but I didn't recall her saying anything.

A couple nights ago, we spoke about our relationship, which we do often.  And each time we do, she issues another directive to me.  "From now on, I want you to be nude at all times, except for when you have to go outside, or if we have guests over".

I felt eager about it because I love being nude.  But to another degree, I felt a little trepidation because to accept this as a directive from her, my dom, gave me a touch of adrenaline rush.  I want to please her, I want her to feel fulfilled.

After an afternoon of sex, I remained nude on the bed.  Tina leans over me to inspect my penis.  She pushes my legs open, and cups her hand under my balls, and looks carefully at the color of my skin, the little freckles, and the stubble from having trimmed and shaven myself.

"This cock belongs to me." she spoke.

Then she got up from the bed, put her clothes back on.

"I get to see you nude at all times.  But letting you see my body is something I get to decide."

And then she left the bedroom.

Somehow being forced to remain nude throughout the day leaves me with a feeling that I have nothing to my name.  I have only what I was born with.  She, controls our relationship.  She, provides my nurturing.  She, determines the course of action.  With nothing to my name, I must be grateful for whatever love and caring she chooses to offer and when, and compensate her however she demands.

All I have to give is my body.

That excites me.


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